Home Learning

Home Learning: Dear parents, to help keep our students engaged over this very trying time, we here at Juniper are providing online lessons and activities that the students can access at any time. This is in addition to the home packages being prepared and delivered on a continuum.

How to access your child's work: Please go to the parent folder (click to open), now find the documents folder (click to open), once inside, you will find grade and subject specific envelopes.  Please click on the envelopes that relate to your child's teacher & grade level (i.e.) Grade 3/4  - Ms. Watson, Phys. Ed. & Music.  Within, can be found learning opportunities & activities specific to your child's development. Further, explanations as to homework packages are to be found as well. 

 We Thank You for your cooperation in our effort to continue to deliver our curriculum responsibility during these very trying times away from the classroom.