June Virtue

Flexibility is being open to change. It means not always having to have your own way. It is being open to the opinions and feelings of others. With flexibility, you are willing to change your mind. If something doesn't work, you try a new way. Flexibility is making changes for the better. Without flexibility, people keep doing things the same old way when new ways are needed. They become rigid. They get angry and upset when things don't go their way and try to control other people. When you are flexible, you adjust and adapt. You bend like a tree in the wind. You keep making positive changes. When you practice flexibility, you let go of bad habits and learn new ones. When you see a need for change, look inside and find the virtue you need. Then practice it little by little, day by day. Try new, creative ways to get things done. Accept the things you cannot change. Go with the flow. When you are flexible, you enjoy surprises.